Solartiva sg3/sg4 is a two-axis solar tracking system done with a single engine. It's a compact product with a light design while at the same time being modular and expandable. Adaptable to any inclination and orientation, no matter what the direction of the industrial building is.

  • Follow-up to two astronomical axes.
  • Small size, models 3 and 4 panels (SG3/SG4).
  • Design adaptable to any slope and orientation of the roof.
  • Modular and expandable mounting: The mechanical transmission link enables up to 20 followers 4 panels
  • Reduced number of components: The followers are made up of only 3 pieces of quick and easy assembly.
  • Auto lubrication of moving parts, guaranteed for 10 years
  • Allow the installation of any solar panel in the market.
  • Small size, less wind resistance,
  • Wind Sensor take care of the orientation of the panels to minimize wind effects.
  • Its small size and weight minimizing installation time and costs.
  • Patented system.
  • To install both on roof and land.

The product consists of a solid and sturdy base for supporting the base panels. This includes a patented system that facilitates and controls the mechanism of rotation of the upper structure, achieving the elimination of the second axis and inclination.

This patented system consists of a vertical arm that its length and position will change the slope of the panels and the path of the second axis to allow you to adjust the elevation of the sun from winter to summer

Get more information about our solar followers:

SG3/SG4 Solar Tracker Triptych.

SG3/SG4 Solar Tracker Technical Information.

Seguidor Solar


A single engine tracks 20 followers 4 panels each

    Follow two axes generate increased production of energy.


    Fewer panels for the same energy.


    Increased production coupled with lower investment returns are synonymous.


    Reduce the depreciation period for the installation.


    One engine and a few items carry a minimum of maintenance.

  • Simplicity

    Easy Installation